A Prayer for Notre Dame

Two days ago, on Monday April 15, 2019, the world watched in horror as the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris went up in flames.  Every newscaster referred to the cathedral as ‘iconic’ and it is.  As of this date more of the cathedral survived than originally feared but much was destroyed.  Here’s a link to the best article I could find on the fire and the plans to rebuild.

https://www.cbsnews.com/live-news/notre-dame-cathedral-fire-dozens-investigating-notre-dame-fire-cause-today-2019-04-17-live-updates/  It’s almost impossible to make myself look at the pictures.

I’ve only seen Notre Dame once and then only from the outside.  It was at the end of my first trip to Europe.  I flew in and out of Paris, then took the train to Avignon for a bike trip in Provence. And after the bike trip, I stayed one night on the Left Bank, near the Botanical Gardens.  Early in the morning, before leaving for the airport,  I walked along the Seine and took a few pictures of the views as well as Notre Dame rising from the mist at dawn.  My memories are clearer than my pictures but I’m including them as a prayer for Notre Dame. I can still recall the awe I felt watching its spires rise out of the morning mist. I hope anyone reading this will feel the same and consider giving even a small donation to the rebuilding.

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